All You Need to Know About Genetic Health Tests

There are several types of genetic tests available in the market. Genetic testing can provide information about the genes and chromosomes of a person and the different types include newborn screening, diagnostic testing, carrier testing, prenatal testing and pre-implantation testing. Newborn screening will be used just after the baby has been born to find out if it has any genetic disorders that can be treated while younger. This way the child can avoid conditions such as intellectual disability that can occur if left untreated. Diagnostic testing is used to identify and rule out specific genetic or chromosomal conditions. This one is done when the doctor suspects a specific condition and this is because they have seen some symptoms and signs in relation to the condition.

Diagnostic testing is not specific to the time it can be done. It can be done during the life of the person or at birth. The results of this home dna test will determine how this person is going to lead their life in terms of health care and management of the disorder. It is worth noting though that this test is not available for the genetic conditions, just a few.

Carrier testing identifies the people that carry a certain type of gene mutation. If the gene mutation is present in two copies, then a genetic disorder is eminent and this type of test is offered to people that have a family history of genetic disorders. The test can provide information to avoid the risk of the parents having children that will have genetic conditions. Prenatal testing is done before birth as the name suggests and is used to detect any changes in the chromosomes of the fetus. This one is done during pregnancy if there is risk that the baby will have genetic disorders. Usually, it will help the couple make decisions about the pregnancy but it cannot possibly detect all the birth defects. To learn more about DNA testing, visit .

Pre-implantation testing is used to reduce the risk of having a child with a genetic or chromosomal disorder. It is used in in-vitro fertilization to detect changes in the embryos created. For the dna test uk to be done, a number of cells will be taken from the embryos and tested for changes in genetics. The only embryos that are going to be implanted are the ones that did not experience any of the genetic changes so that pregnancy is initiated. These are the types of genetic health testing.